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Tel:0417-2952333 / 2951222
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About Us

        Yingkou Liaohe Machinery & Pipe fittings Co.Ltd., which is the original Yingkou Liaohe Machinery Factory, is specialized in exploiting and manufacturing all kinds of container of pressure and elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, caps and other pipe fitting. Our products are widely used in oil industry, chemical industry, power industry and light industry. And the annual output comes to 50000 tons.
       Since our company established in 1976, we hold the tenet of high quality for survival, product variety for development and first class service for credit standing. Currently, our factory owns fixed assets 50,000,000 RMB, occupies 350,000m2 including 10,000 m2 standard workshop and 5,000 m2 standard storehouse, adopts various advanced inspection and instruments and production equipment, such as one pushing production machine, one 2,000 T pushing machine, and several 4,000 T, 1,500T, 1,250 T,  500 T, 100 T, hydraulic presses.
       We own abundant technical power and advanced technology, well-found equipment, and the certification of ISO 9001Quality Assurance System and perfect physics and chemistry test equipment. We also trained a batch of advanced technicians who have responsibility and high passion for their job. And our factory has been chosen to produce as the fixed point, over many years, we provided the services of high grade for National key projects, and other companies. For example, Ta-Ching Ethylene and Propylene setting Factory, Jilin Chemistry Company, and Dalian shipbuilding Factory. In the last years, we exported to many countries and regions, such as the United States, the UK, Germany, Italy,UAE,France, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran,Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and we received favorable comments from the customers.
       Yingkou Liaohe Machinery & Pipe fittings Co., Ltd located in south of Liaodong peninsula, by Ha-Da railway and Shen-Da express highway with convenient geographical position. Our factory's output is increasing year after year .Now, our factory has already become the backbone enterprise which manufactures the container of pressure and the pipe fittings in the world.
         With the principle of “integrating all minds, pursuing excellence”, our factory develops rapidly, and has already formed mature system of manufacture and sale. Here, we thank all our friends and co-operators all over the world for your supporting. Meanwhile, we invite cordially the new and old friends to our company; we will offer sincerely services to you.